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Nemetschek dTwin™

Unlock the potential of your data

Introducing dTwin, the first horizontal and open Digital Twin platform to efficiently manage your facility from Design to Operations.

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Value of dTwin™

Increase the value of your buildings

With all building and operations information updated and intelligently linked you enhance visibility, increase efficiency, and take data-driven decisions.


Building Lifecycle Intelligence™

Building Lifecycle Intelligence™ the first industry-wide data-driven approach that grants all building stakeholders live access to reliable and accurate data, allowing knowledge-based decisions for building projects and operation.

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See how it works


Reality Capture and BIM

Make use of your building information and capture the current state of your assets


Link and harmonize Data

Connect & overlay data from various systems and sources


Connect any IoT sensor

Connect real time information from any device


Visualize and navigate through all sources

Review and view your building using various formats


Efficiently manage your assets

Manage your building assets via an assets registry


Optimize your buildings

Use real-time data to pinpoint and address any issue


Build Dashboards & Reports

Track, filter and query information in easily sharable format

Get started today

By bringing together information from CAD/BIM, IWMS, and more with the real-time streams from building operations, Nemetschek’s Digital Twin bridges the gap between Design, Construction, and Operations and enables true Building Lifecycle Intelligence™.


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Martin Sikorski

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